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Tottenham Should Broaden Horizons, Sign A Certain Asian Superstar

A perfect signing for Spurs  (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)
A perfect signing for Spurs (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's possible that Arsenal sign Keisuke Honda. They've been linked to him for months now as the Japanese star looks for a move away from CSKA Moscow. He deserves a move out of Russia. He's a top player who impresses all eight people who are able to see the Russian Premier League each weekend and if Arsenal cannot seal the deal for Honda then Tottenham Hotspur would be smart to jump on him and bring him to White Hart Lane.

Tottenham currently have one decent striker in Emmanuel Adebayor. They also have one other vital attacker, Rafael van der Vaart, who plays in the hole underneath the lone striker. The problem is that van der Vaart is prone to injury, just like he is out injured right now with a hamstring tear. When the Dutchman is hurt, Spurs are forced to play one of their struggling strikers and have to shift to a 4-4-2 as opposed to the 4-4-1-1 they are usually in. Honda could fix this problem.

While not an identical player to van der Vaart, Honda can play in the hole the same way that van der Vaart can. If Spurs were to bring Honda in they would be able to stick with their 4-4-1-1 when van der Vaart gets injured. When the Dutchman can play, Honda won't be forced to sit on the bench either. He's a versatile player who can go out wide or play deeper in the center of the midfield. Add in a guy with a deadly long range shot who is also one of the best set piece takers around and this is nothing but good.

Beyond football, this is a chance for Spurs to spread the club brand. Honda is a superstar in Japan and entrance into the Asian market couldn't hurt the club. It would be a boost to shirt sales and an profitable Asian tour could follow. It would help relations in Japan, which is churning out more and more quality players each year. It would also show some creativity and the ability to scout outside of the British Isles, which the club needs to desperately do.

Honda is the perfect example of a quality, underrated player who can help Spurs in several areas, while fitting into the team's needs. Arsenal may beat them to his signature and it appears as if Honda prefers an Emirates move, but if chairman Daniel Levy were smart he would be circling. He would be waiting and if the Arsenal deal falls apart, he should jump all over it.

It's time for the good of football to get Keisuke Honda out of Russia. It's also time for the good of Tottenham Hotspur to get him to White Hart Lane. A gift could fall into Daniel Levy, Harry Redknapp and Spurs' hands. Don't mess this one up.

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