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Chelsea To Offer Player Plus £30m Deal For Luka Modric?

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These. Rumors. Just. Will. Not. Die. Despite the fact that Harry Redknapp said that Luka Modric is "One million percent" staying at Tottenham Hotspur in a live interview on Sky Sports News this morning, the rumors of a Luka move to Chelsea FC persist. The latest rumor is that Florent Malouda has been offered along with cash for the playmaker, but Spurs are asking for Didier Drogba. I'm serious. And they come from a BBC employee!

#CFC will offer £30m plus Florent Malouda to #THFC in exchange for Luka Modric. #THFC have asked for Didier Drogba.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


Holy crap, Batman! I still think that Luka is not getting sold today, but like I mentioned earlier, nothing is done. When Redknapp says it's "one million percent" not happening, he's full of it. If Roman picks up the phone, calls Levy, and says we'll give you £40m plus Drogba? And Drogba agrees to take a pay cut? It's done. Luka's gone. 

I believe that Modric will be a Tottenham Hotspur player tomorrow morning and that the above rumor is absolute crap, but that does not mean this is over. It's never over. IT'S NEVER OVER.

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