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FC Porto Reportedly Interested In Surplus Tottenham Hotspur Striker

Portugal is nice (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Portugal is nice (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

According to the Portuguese newspaper A Bola, FC Porto are interested in signing Roman Pavlyuchenko from Tottenham. The striker spoke about his desire to leave Spurs as he struggles to get playing time, with Sunderland being a rumored destination on Tuesday. Now he could be the back up plan for Porto as they look to add depth for a season that will see them add Champions League matches to their fixture list.

If Porto had their way then they would bring Romelu Lukaku in on loan from Chelsea, but if that does not happen then the A Bola report claims that they would like to bring Pavlyuchenko in. Initially it looked as if the Russian would like to stay in England, but the allure of Champions League football would lead one to believe that Pavlyuchenko would move to Porto in a heartbeat.

As the deadline winds down more and more of these reports are going to pop up. Most of them will actually probably be true too, which is weird on deadline day. Because Pavlyuchenko has gone public with his desire to leave, clubs are undoubtedly going to be enquiring with the hope that they can get him on the cheap.

Getting rid of Pavlyuchenko, no matter where to, is a win for Spurs. He's out of favor and with Adebayor coming in he will not see the field much. If he leaves and Crouch leaves then there is no doubt Spurs need another striker, but it wouldn't be difficult for them to get someone who can produce at the same level as Pav for much less money than they can sell him for.

From Porto's point of view, it makes sense. After all, Pavlyuchenko equals Falcao, right?

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