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Tottenham To Nick Real Madrid Attacker At The Last Minute Again? Brazilian International Kaka Linked To Shocking Move

Kaka to Spurs? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Kaka to Spurs? (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Earlier today, Sky Sports news reported that Tottenham Hotspur were in on a big name player that hadn't been reported yet. It was some mystery player that would grab headlines and ideally make a gigantic impact at the club. It sounded eerily similar to the Rafael van der Vaart transfer at last year's signing deadline. Well, it's even more similar to the Rafa capture than initially thought as Sky Sports now says that mystery player is Brazilian international and former World Player of the Year Kaka.

Last year's transfer deadline saw Rafa join Spurs from Real Madrid out of nowhere. Three hours before the window closed there was no talk about Rafa joining the club then just as it shut the brilliant Dutchman made the move to White Hart Lane. Now there is talk of Kaka possibly joining Spurs, again a Madrid man possibly making the move out of nowhere.

Kaka has fallen out of favor at Madrid. He still plays some, but not as much as a player of his quality would like to play. Injuries have been a speed bump in a career that looked set to be one of the all-time greats, but he's still just 29 years old and supposedly fit again. If the midfielder is fit then he still has the brilliant skill and passing that made him one of the best players in the world when he was at AC Milan.

When Rafa made the move last year, it was at a cut-rate price. That's what Madrid does and maybe a Kaka move can be at a cut-rate price as well? It could be a massive coup for Tottenham.

Of course, this is a single report from Sky Sports so who knows how true it is. In all likelihood it's super duper lies. It is certainly intriguing to think about though while we dream of Rafa 2.0.

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