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Harry Redknapp, Daniel Levy In Legendary Sky Sports News Interview

Harry Redknapp just gave an amazing interview on Sky Sports News
Harry Redknapp just gave an amazing interview on Sky Sports News

Oh. My. God. If you don't have Sky Sports News, the interview that was just on was absolutely unbelievable. As Harry Redknapp was pulling out of Spurs Lodge, Gary Cotterill from Sky stopped him at the gate and interviewed him from his car, just like they did when Harry arrived early in the morning. Despite the fact that Sky Sports are linking Tottenham to Kaka, Harry insisted that Spurs' transfer business is done and that they will not be buying any more players.

Then, Daniel Levy rang. On live television, Harry said "Hello Daniel" into the phone. Cotterill said that Harry was on the phone with Levy. Presumably, Levy heard the reporters and hung up the phone. It's possible that this was a total wind-up and that it was not Levy on the phone, but it was incredible television nonetheless.

So, was Dan ringing up his gaffer to inform him of a change in developments? Are we still dealing up against the deadline, just like we did the last two transfer windows? Stay tuned...

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