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Harry Redknapp Confirms Tottenham Hotspur Rejected £40m Bid For Luka Modric

You're worth more than £40 million to Spurs apparently  (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
You're worth more than £40 million to Spurs apparently (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Luka Modric saga can't end even when it is over. Chelsea has conceded defeat in their attempt to sign the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder and Harry Redknapp has said that it's a done deal, but the Spurs manager has to revive talk about the move anyways. In an interview with Sky Sports News, Harry revealed that the Blues went to Tottenham with an increased bid in the final days of the transfer window, offering Spurs £40 million for the Croatian magician.

Chelsea's pursuit of Modric started at the beginning of the summer with a £22 million bid, but Spurs said no and chairman Daniel Levy insisted that Modric was not for sale at any price. Modric made it clear that he would like a move to Stamford Bridge, but Levy didn't budge. In fact, Modric's desire to leave inly strengthened Levy's resolve. Chelsea's bid was later bumped to £27 million and then reportedly as high as £35 million with players like Daniel Sturridge and Yossi Benayoun also reportedly thrown in at different times. 

Now we know that Chelsea went even higher, bidding an astonishing £40 million for Modric. Even then, Levy was true to his word at the beginning of the summer and said no to Chelsea's offer. Modric will be staying with Tottenham and not because of a lack of interest or effort from Chelsea. They had £40 million worth of interest and effort, but it wasn't enough to pry the midfielder away from Spurs.

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