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Gary Cahill Transfer Falls Apart, Sebastien Bassong Follows, Tottenham Hotspur, Bolton, QPR All Cry

Staying with Spurs (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Staying with Spurs (Photo by Lefty Shivmabu/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur's attempt to sign Gary Cahill has failed and Sebastien Bassong's proposed move to Queens Park Rangers has died with it. Spurs hoped to sign the Bolton central defender and leading up to the transfer deadline it was clear that he was the club's top target. They couldn't work out a deal with Bolton though and because they weren't able to bring him in, they had to break off talks with QPR about Bassong moving there or else they would be left short on defenders.

Despite Cahill being in the final year of his contract, Bolton maintained their high valuation of the defender, rumored to be as high as £17 million. Earlier in the window they had turned down a £7 million bid from Arsenal, but Spurs were willing to exceed that. The two clubs were deep in discussions on Tuesday and into Wednesday, but Tottenham were not willing to go all the way up to what Bolton wanted so Cahill will stay with Bolton.

Bassong has been out of favor at Tottenham for more than a year now and has been eying a move elsewhere. Spurs and QPR had made progress on a deal and it looked like he was on his way to Loftus Road, but then Tottenham's attempt to sign Cahill failed. With Cahill not joining the club, Spurs could not sell Bassong. His sale would leave the team short on central defenders, even if he is not high rated by Harry Redknapp at the moment.

So Spurs' big deadline signing has falled by the wayside. That Cahill will not be joining Tottenham is a blow to those at White Hart Lane, but it is also a blow to Bassong, who thought he would be moving to a club where he would actually get to play. Now, neither Spurs, Bassong nor QPR are happy.

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