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Harry Redknapp Makes His Dislike For Europa League Clear, Calling It A "Killer"

The Europa League gives Harry dead eyes (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
The Europa League gives Harry dead eyes (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Guess what? Harry Redknapp doesn't like the Europa League. Shocking, I know. The only real question is whether he dislikes it as much as many supporters who had no problem saying late last season that they would be happy to see Tottenham fall out of a Europa League place. Well they didn't and now Spurs have to play in the competition, something 'Arry isn't too happy about.

"The young lads will get plenty of games in the Europa League because otherwise I think it's a killer, to be frank," Redknapp said. Thursday and Sunday every week... a nightmare. You've got no chance in the Premier League with that, it kills you off.

"We will give those boys like Jake Livermore and Andros Townsend experience and see how we go. We've loaned a few young players out but we are going to keep a few behind and give them the chance to play in the European competition."

So we'll get to see the young kids. I suppose that is a plus. Getting a look at the younger players isn't terrible and another opportunity to file into White Hart Lane or the pub for a beer or six is hardly the worst thing in the world.

Before anyone says that the Europa League doesn't take much of a toll, think again. It's not the same as the Champions League and while it's perfectly fine to be happy with more matches or European competition, it's impossible to ignore the toll of the competition.

"It's different in the Champions League when you play Tuesday or Wednesday, it's just got a different feel to it," 'Arry added. 'You have to go to crazy places in this Europa League, all over the place - but we'll give it our best shot whatever we do."

Hooray Europa League! Not so much, but it is what it is and after a summer devoid of signings or news it won't be awful to have some more things to talk about. God forbid there isn't enough going on with Spurs that we have to consider serious and worldly matters.