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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 5, 2011

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Happy Friday friends. Now because it's Friday and it is the most boring time of the year, I have a fun Idea for you. Take a sugar jar and fill it with salt, then stick it next to the coffee pot in the office when nobody is looking. Trust me, your coworkers will thank you for "keeping them on their toes". Besides there isn't anything else going on in the world except your retirement funds being flushed down the toilet.

And now the "news"

Barton Says He Might Stay At Newcastle-Today Online

Oh Come oonnnnnnnn. I just changed my mind about this guy and got all excited. Now he wants to stay? This must be what a poop popsicle tastes like.

Another Rubbish Report On A Diarra Bid-Give Me Football

This time the "reported" bid is 18 million. I don't know if you have noticed but not a lot of loose cash to found around White Hart Lane these days. I'd love to see where they got that number from.

American Youngster Seems To Think He Is Messi-Deadspin

Now last night Brian Mechanick hoped on his twitter and dropped some very sage observations about the current state of the USMNT's lack of young talent. Perhaps he hasn't seen this kid yet, I know I hadn't.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

New USMNT Coach Klinsmann Names Squad For Mexico Friendly, Several New Names Are Called Up-SB Nation Soccer

Now I am not going to say who but I will say that one of the players on the list was at my birthday celebration last November. The man of mystery only socialize with the elites. It's really good to see some of the new call ups getting looked at. I have high hopes for Klinsmann being able to develop young talent.

VIDEO:Sir Alex Ferguson tells a reporter what he thinks of him-SB Nation Soccer

One thing I hate about the English game is that it seems that if you say anything about the League, the FA, or a referee that isn't a verbal "insert sexual act here" you get fined. What I have always loved about Sir Alex is that he doesn't seem to care and will tell you on camera exactly what he thinks of you when you have obviously done something wrong. Mancrush!

Gabriel Milito Is Released By Barca-Barca Bluagranes 

Milito is expected to sign with Independente. Yawn slowest news day ever.

Steed Malbranque Sold-Roker Report

Tell me this guy doesn't moonlight as a pirate. I'm talking eye patched up, boys with Johnny Depp pirate.