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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For August 9, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning friends.  If you live in London it is apparently free TV Tuesday if the last few days have been any indication. So do yourself a favor and stay the hell inside. You can go out for tacos tomorrow. And yes I am the kind of guy who would consider braving a riot for tacos. Not an English riot though, just an average American one. English rioting is on another level.

And now the "news"

Twente Deny Spurs Bid-Sky Sports

Oh praise the lord there is a God. While what sure feels like every other writer here, thought that bringing in another class player at a position where we are loaded wasn't necessarily a bad idea, I though this was a ridiculous idea. Ruiz would have cost a ton, and Spurs aren't exactly free spenders. There is a limited amount of money to be spent, it should be spent on positions we don't have several world class players already. Editor's note: Ruiz is a striker, what are you on about?

Newcastle Told To Pony Up 14 Million For Pav-Daily Mail

Excuse me while I do a spit take. Does Dan Levy really expect anyone who isn't a Russian oil baron going to even entertain thoughts of that?

Swaggering Swashbuckling, Spurs 2012 Edition-Dear Mr Levy

A player by player breakdown of the squad, it's awesome.

Spurs To Help In Riots Clean Up-Times Of India

A nice thing to help out with.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Two Matches Postponed Due To The London Riots-SB Nation Soccer

No funny quips on this subject. All I will say is that it is the right call to put football second to things that actually matter. To our London and Birmingham readers and community members, please stay safe.

Real Madrid Sign 7 Year Old Argentinian-SB Nation Soccer

I'm not sure this is a wise move for a team that is hundreds of millions of euros in debt. And yes that sentence was just a way for me to bring up how much Real Madrid are in debt.

Is Dempsey ON the Way Out At Fulham-Cottager Confidential

Good...GOOOOOOD. He is the definition of too good for that team.