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Contribute To Wheeler Dealer Radio! Episode 9 Records Tonight!


Monday's edition of Wheeler Dealer Radio turned into a serious rant-fest about our transfer policy and how we should stop being so closed-minded about cheap and untested foreign players. It was fueled by the possibility of what could be in the next few days if we had a different attitude.

Now, it's September 1. The transfer window is over. Until at least January, we are stuck with what we have and there's no use talking about potential transfers anymore. Tonight, we record Wheeler Dealer Radio and we promise to be much less ranty and much more on topic.

As always, we want you guys to contribute to the show. The best part of Wheeler Dealer Radio is the contributions that we get from you guys. If you have something - anything - to say about the transfer window or Tottenham Hotspur, please let us know so we can read and discuss your question/comment on the show. There are four ways to get in touch with us.

1. Email to allthingsfooty [at] gmail [dot] com. You are all welcome to gchat me on the same address.

2. Leave a comment right here, on this post

3. Tweet at us at @cfcaptain.

4. Leave us a message on our facebook page.

We look forward to your feedback!