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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 13, 2011

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Good Tuesday morning Spursland! Remember when I said yesterday about everything going so well since the game against Wolves, and how it couldn't possibly continue? Well not to brag or anything but I was totally right. Daws out for two months. Now I could do the usual harping on about how bad the injury situation is and the rest of the usual garbage or I can skip ahead three steps in the process and ask this question: Is it time to call Caulker back from loan to fill the void in the defensive line? Blew your mind a little bit there didn't I?

And now the "news"

Harry Expects Levy To Offer Modric A New Deal-Sky Sports

I think we all expected a new contract to be offered to Luka in the aftermath of last summer (is summer actually over?) but Harry makes it sound like a forgone conclusion. Another little tidbit in this interview is that Giovani dos Santos refused a move to Udinese after they offered £10m up front with £3m in bonuses for him. He apparently was holding out for a move to Sevilla. This kid really only likes night clubs in Spain.  

Five Things We Learned From This Week In The EPL-The Guardian

The Guardian makes the case that Adebayor really is the striker we always needed. And it really seems like he is, but we being educated Spurs supporters know that is is wise to wait for the other shoe to drop. And it doesn't matter of that metaphorical shoe is Adebayor breaking his leg (that sound you are hearing is me feverishly knocking on wood) or his decision come summer that he never wants to play for Spurs again after his loan is up. We are Spurs, there is always that other shoe.

Spurs Owner Joe Lewis Continues To Buy Lots Of Stuff-This Is Money

This time Ole Joey seems to be interested in, what according to graphs of stock prices any 6 year old could understand, failing pub group Mitchells & Butlers who owns Harvester and All Bar One chains. Being American I don't find it surprising to have never heard of either of those, but he is willing to bid close to a billion pounds for the rest of the company (he already owns 23%) of the failing, leaderless collection of purveyors of over-priced shots. This leads me to wonder, how the hell does Levy have so little money to spend every transfer window? American Joe Lewis > Caribbean Joe Lewis.

LA Galaxy Making A Bid To Be One Of MLS Best Ever Teams-SB Nation Soccer

The Galaxy are having an amazing year statistically, but I, as a completely utterly, hopelessly biased observer have to think that nobody would be saying this if the team didn't have so many megastars on it.  

AC Milan Vs Barcelona in the Champions League:The Rebirth OR the Final Death Of Ibrahimovich-Barca Blaugranes

Or in my opinion the continuing of an excellent career of a truly excellent player that is great at the domestic level but just can't step up against higher levels of competition. That's no slight, he just can't be the player his team's (whichever it may be) supporters want him to be against the world's best. He can't carry the team to the European title. It's an established truth. I just wish people would stop being so negative about him for it, just call him a great player who isn't one for the ages, there is no shame in that. There is however shame in this, and this, and also have I mentioned this. Editor's note: I thought this article was pretty bad.

Fernando Torres Tells The Truth, Pisses Everyone Off-We Ain't Got No History

So Torres gave an interview in which he said that Chelsea's midfielders move the ball too slowly (Editor's note: ehhhhhh I don't know about that), which is true. Now Chelsea's midfielders are all pissed off.