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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 14, 2011

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Happy Wednesday Spursland! Here we are again on the eve of game day. Tomorrow we have POAK, who are in one of those countries Turkey used to own, I think, who cares its a midweek spurs game! So turn that laptop to an angle that your boss can't tell what happening on the screen when he walks by your cube and prepare in the best way possible.

And now the "news"

Portsmouth Expect Begovic Legal Battle To Be Over By Christmass-Sky Sports

Good, its nice to hear it has only taken years for this to be resolved since it is pretty plain that the financially challenged club stole Spurs money in the Younes Koubul deal. I know a few Portsmouth supporters, including this guy, and they are all great people, but their club is a bunch of thieving douchenozzles who need to pay back the money they accepted on a double bid for two players that only delivered one. 

Daniel And Harry-Dear Mr Levy

Our boy Spooky23 goes all Aaron Sorkin on us and writes a multiple scene super short play that is like, a metaphor and stuff, for Harry and Levy's relationship. It's deep bro.

Spurs Were So Close To Dropping The Olympic Stadium Suit They Wrote A Press Release For It-Telegraph

Yes they wrote the press release in which the team's management finally removed their heads from there own asses, then decided against it. This is all due to money, which totally makes sense. Spurs owner Joe Lewis is a frugal guy as multi-billionaire financiers go. I mean, why would he invest  money into his already profitable, and very successful football team when he can go out and splash a billion dollars in a failing set of pub franchises?  It really does seem like the team is just hedging its bets until the NDP is deemed 122% viable, but the negative press it has been building is just too much. Get it done guys!

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

Animals With Soccer Balls Are Adoracute:Puppies-SB Nation Soccer

The title says it all, and you can't argue with it, puppies plus soccer balls equals a warm feeling inside your heart that you haven't felt since you discovered the truth about Santa Claus (he is totally real kids, he is just so anti-union the elves hate him).

Pato Is Fast At Soccer-SB Nation Soccer

Is Barca's back line just old and slow or is Pato really that fast? He looked like he took three steps and was halfway down the field. I don't now why he is called the Duck. He runs much more like a giraffe.

MLS's Best And Worst Salaries-SB Nation Soccer

If you were guessing the name Juan Pablo Angel would appear in this article you win a cookie.

Sameul Eto'o Will Not Live Anywhere Near His New Team's City-Deadspin

How many of you know where Makhachkala is? I know I didn't and I took second place in the Exton Elementary 4th grade geography bee back in the day so I know my stuff. Well, apparently this place can best be described as south central LA in the mid 90s, if it was located in eastern Kentucky. Exactly none of the team's players live there, they all live in Moscow and fly in for home games only because of how dangerous it is. Sounds like a pretty great place. Totally worth that money Sammy!