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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 15, 2011

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Its Mother F-ing game day Spursland! I hope that you can find a way to watch the game out there in cube nation, and don't forget to join the entire CFC crew here for all of your live blog and commenting needs. Today, once again the Commentariate arises! 

And now the "news"

Redknapp, No England Talks-Sky Sports

So Harry is claiming that he has had no talks with the FA about a job everyone knows he will be offered, and everyone knows he desperately wants. Everyone also knows that he will be obscenely overpaid, he probably will try to not pay taxes on them either.

Harry Makes 10 Changes From Wolves Lineup-The Guardian

Sure Harry, we believe you when you say you respect the Europa League.

Top Ten EPL Tattoos-Football Fancast

There are some tattoos on this list that make you think to yourself, "I will never look at that player the same way again", I'm looking at you Stephen Ireland with the universal "I'm a slutty bad girl" tattoo. There are also some tattoos that just flat out suck (spoiler alert, he has hair plugs)  Aaron Lennon's tattoo is arguably the best on the list. 

Dive Of The Year-Deadspin

This is like, post-Ronaldo or something

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Bob Bradley, New Egypt Coach-SB Nation Soccer

This is a giant step forward for American soccer. When was the last time that an American managed a team abroad at such a high level? Has it ever happened? We are now also one step closer to 100% of Egyptians hating America as opposed to the something like 20ish percent that currently don't view me and my boys favorably.

Seattle Sounders Are Really Good at Selling Tickets-SB Nation Soccer

I don't like Seattle, but nobody can deny they are amazing at fan outreach. A player actually greets you and invites you to buy season tickets? Brilliant!

Napoli Continues To Be Eccentric, Awesome-SB Nation Soccer

I hate watching Serie A, but not anymore, this was the last straw, Napoli are too awesome to not like. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN BRAND OF PASTA! Write it down, on this day in history I admitted there was something good about Italian football. More details on Napoli's serious awesomeness in the link.

Robbie Keane Called Offsides The One Time He Wasn't-SB Nation Soccer

I can't blame the ref. I mean, after a while calling Robbie offsides has just become muscle memory.