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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 11: Freaking Wingers! How Do They Work?

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Welcome back everybody! This is Wheeler Dealer Radio the Tottenham Hotspur podcast for SB Nation. We're all in much better spirits this week thanks to a victory over Wolverhampton Wanderers last weekend, but fear not we still find things to complain about.

This week, Mechanick, Kevin, and I discuss the Wolves match, Spurs Europa League game against PAOK, and preview this weekend's match against Liverpool. We also, somehow, manage to find some time to answer your questions and discuss injury news.

We recorded this podcast a little later than usual and it gets a little weird toward the end, but since I have, essentially, free reign with the editing I left it all in because I found it humorous. If you didn't I apologize. All complaints can be directed to Kevin McCauley. 

As always, in case you haven't subscribed to the podcast on iTunes yet, please do so here. Here's a direct download link for the podcast so that you can listen to it in your browser if you so desire and if you're interested in the RSS Feed then the link for that is here. Also, follow us @CFCaptain on Twitter and like us on Facebook.