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Wheeler Dealer Radio - Episode 9: Transfer Window Wrap-Up

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We promised you two podcasts this week and we would never think of breaking a promise to you guys. This week it's just Bryan and Brian, which is actually less confusing than it sounds. Kevin was busy doing European football stuff and his alma matter had their season opening football game last night so he excused himself from this one.

In this episode Mechanick and I talk a little a lot about deadline day and how we thought Tottenham Hotspur did. We discuss all the Spurs transfer news and where we think that leaves the squad. Also, we have an absolutely enormous mailbag filled with your questions and we try our best to answer your questions.

This is a fairly short episode so hopefully you enjoy the brief recap. For some reason I thought the international break was a week longer and said in the podcast that we'd be on hiatus next week. We will not. We will be back with you with your usual weekly podcast as we preview the Wolves game.

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