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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 23, 2011

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Happy Friday Spursday. Sweet redemption, it's the weekend people. I can't wait for tomorrow and frankly I would be shocked that any of you can either. Wigan! It's W-I-G-A-N. They might as well change their name to "3 free Points". Which is why there is no chance Spurs win. We can never, ever take home full marks on the gimmies. Look at that, that right there is why the call me "Positive Roosevelts".

And now the "news"

We Can Compete, Says Harry-Sky Sports

Confidence! That's the name of the game people! Seriously, how much does this guy really need to talk to the media.  it must be a compulsion or something. Can talking to the media cause a dopamine release in the brain? Harry must have that going on. Some of us normal people go shot heroin; Harry just calls reporters and talks until he is high. Allegedly.

Spurs Join Liverpool In The Race For Brazilian Teen Lucas-Football Fancast

I am all for signing young Brazilian talent. I am however not for spending £25 million on an untested teenager. I don't care how good he is, £25 million and teenager should never be in the same sentence.

Spurs And Arsenal To Compete For Gary Cahill-London 24

Gary Cahill, a player I'd love to have, and thus will never have on Spurs, because this is the law of nature.

Whats going on around SB Nation after the jump

Ronaldo Has Competition For The TItle Of Football's Biggest Asshat-SB Nation Soccer

I'd like to give some advice to the New York Red Bull players not named Rafa Marquez: a hand towel and a bar of soap teaches a fine lesson in the locker room.

When Tifo Attacks: Streamer Edition-SB Nation Soccer

American a-hole sports writers who love saying things like"Soccer has a culture of diving" must have pissed themselves with excitement when they saw how fast that linesman hit the deck.  

San Jose Earthquakes To Offer Season Ticket Holders Throw Back Earthquakes Kit-SB Nation Soccer

This is sure to do two of the three things that MLS teams need to do to be successful. It keeps the hardcores happy, and it draws in the hipster crowd. Seriously, just look at that jersey, can't you just imagine walking into some indie, local, beatniks only coffee shop in Silver Lake and see the guy dispensing the legal stimulants wearing one of these? Incidentally, the third thing MLS teams need to do to be successful is draw in soccer moms and dads.  Just saying, It's a good business strategy.