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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 27, 2011

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Good Morning Spursland! It's a light news day Spurs-wise as we do a slow build-up to the ultimate climax of our inevitable crushing victory over Arsenal. (Full disclosure, following the original completion of that sentence I not only knocked on wood, I threw several flying knees into wood).

And now the "news"

Bale Doesn't Mind The Muggings-Sky Sports

Well it's nice to know that he doesn't take those hard challenges, challenges that make my heart leap into my throat like I'm some suburban over-protective soccer mom, personally. That's fine, I will take them personally for him; hey, unrelated but does anybody have Martin Skrtel's home address?

Spurs May Have Lined Up King's Replacement-Footy Latest

This sounds like great news. Our blog's namesake has had an amazing career, he just couldn't keep fit enough to really chase the glory he deserved. And after this season where he will play really no more than 15 or 20 games it's time to call it quits before he is having really serious issues just living his life, in the future. As for the player rumored, Bruno Manga, I have never heard of him but he seems solid, I'm sure our fearless Leader and SB Nation World Football Editor Kevin McCauley can shed more light if these rumors persist.

Referee Out Dives Ronaldo-Deadspin

It's a really slow news day so lets liven things up with a referee in the 4th division of Brazilian football taking the worst dive I have ever seen. It is also an amazing reenactment of the time in prep school when Big Charles decided that my new sweat shirt was "too cool for me", and how I handled the ensuing situation.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Is De Rosario Worthy Of MVP Consideration?-SB Nation Soccer

This might be the pickeliest of all pickles. While DeRo's numbers are huge, at 13 goals (first in the league) and 11 assists, he is also playing for his 3rd team THIS SEASON. So if you want an interesting read, take a gander at this article which breaks down this very, VERY competitive MVP race.

Chelsea, Finding Their Identity-We Ain't Got No History

They don't know their identity? We all know their identity, Rich, Russian Plaything!

Wanderers Facing Contract Crunch-Lion Of Vienna Suite

This has got to have Harry Redknapp salivating about January. Basiclly every player on Bolton that's good enough for you to have heard of him is in the last year of their contract. A lot of them are experienced and English and might be available for cheap in January. Kevin Davies as a Spur can only be a few months away.