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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee:Tottenham Hotspur News And Links September 28, 2011

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Happy Spursday Eve Spursland! Okay its time for an intervention. Harry Redknapp has apparently not given a quote to the media in two days. Whats going on? That is clearly too long for there not to be something wrong. He must be going through withdrawal at this point. Has anybody stopped by his house to check on him? Perhaps we should overnight some chicken soup. Is it possible that he has been kidnaped? I just worry so much.

And now the "news"

Spurs Set To Justifiably Doubly Modric's Salary-Telegraph

Glad to hear it. It should stave off the other big clubs for at least another year, and frankly the idea of only paying our best player something close to £39k per week compared to the market value of his services which is more like £100k a week is an insult to his yet to be born free riding playboy grandchildren.

Spurs And Liverpool In The Race For Leandro-The Guardian

Wow, that is some crack investigative journalism by the Guardian! Show of hands, who had no idea we were looking to sign Leandro? None of you? That's what I thought.

Spurs And Arsenal Are Racing To Sign Italian Midfielder Montolivo-Footy Latest

The 26 year-old will be available on a free this summer but the odds are good that someone will scoop him up cheap in January. Florentina, his current club are said to be really pissed at him for trying to have too much control over where he goes. My money says we see him in an Arsenal shirt.

Awesomest Goal Of The Day:Midfield Header-Deadspin

Worst keeper positioning ever.

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Tevez Refuses To Be Subbed In, Mancini Says He Will Never Play For City Again-SB Nation Soccer

The world's most temperamental and probably top 5-10 talented player refused to go on as a sub yesterday when Manchester City were trailing Bayern Munich. This isn't really that surprising when you consider all the weird shit Tevez has done over the years. He is an absolute head case, the best and worst kind of lunatic genius. See you next year Tevez when you're back with Corinthians.

Animals With Soccer Balls Are Adoracute:Meerkat-SB Nation Soccer

Its not just any meerkat. It's a baby meerkat standing on top of the ball. It's enough to make John Wayne giggle!

United Fail To Defeat Basel In the CCL-The Busby Babe

United almost lost to a team that I could only guess which league they pay in (Editor's Note: FC Basel are back-to-back champions of the Swiss Super League). I'll update you if I notice the pigs flying.