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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 7, 2011

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Happy Humpday Spursland! In addition to it being half way to the weekend drinking time, a Spurs XI will be playing Kettering Town. Both Cristian Cabellos and Yago Falque will be playing in addition to the player formerly known as John Bostock. I am abnormally hyped up for this game. I just want Cabellos to do well. I want/need him to be a success for some reason. I just want to believe in things again really. Things like puppy dogs and unicorns and that pro wrestling is real, but mostly I'd just like to see an undersized kid turn into a really really good player for us, then not try to leave as soon as the team hits a speed bump. I don't think that is to much to ask out of life.

Sandro Says There Was No Roma Offer-Sky Sports

He goes on to sound like someone who is only marginally interested at staying at White Hart Lane. When you say "There was a lot of interest, the problem was there were no offers" that's language you use when describing how disappointed you are at still being stuck at some crappy club in Yorkshire (not that Yorkshire is bad, mark it down Theroosevelts = pro Yorkshire). That is not how you would describe how you are happy to be playing with the club that brought you to England, the worlds stage, from a club in Brazil that only football nerds know anything about other than the name.

Sunderland Still Fancy Pav-Fans FC

Oh you thought there would be no more transfer rumors now that the window is closed? Not so. While Bryan Ashlock takes a break from writing Transfer Rumor Tuesdays to do things that matter like law school drinking mojitos on South Beach. You will always be able to find your uncorroborated transfer garbage right here. Who loves ya baby?

McLeish assesses Dynamic Duo Jenas And Hutton-Aston Villa official Site

For the record that is the real headline. Sometimes I play around with the headlines on the links to make them better, less lame, ect., but thats really what they call Jenas and Hutton. Dynamic? I don't even need to go into that, it's too easy, but duo? You can't just go around calling any pair a duo. Duo is reserved for pairs that exude awesomeness.  Chris Farley and young David Spade were a duo. Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee pre year 2000 were a duo. Kim Kardashian's left and right butt cheeks, duo. Jenas and Hutton are just two guys running around on grass.

Whats happening around SB Nation after the jump

This Messi Fellow Might Have A Future In The Pros-SB Nation Soccer

Keep on saying he never shows up for Argentina, never is a very strong word, he shows up on opposite Sundays when there is a high tide and its raining in Reykjavik. 

Animals With Soccer Balls Are Adoracute-SB Nation Soccer

Our very own Ryan Rosenblatt gets all sensitive on you with a new weekly segment that is sure to rival babies sneezing for thing most likely to make a Hell's Angel say "awwweeee".

In Case You Don't Know Him, Meet Chelsea's New Teen Striker Sensation Jhon Pirez-We Ain't Got No History

A great breakdown of yet another amazing teenager singed to Chelsea. It is sure to make even those who are  the most enthusiastic about our recent Academy resurgence feel depressed.  

Roker Report Meets Lee Clarke-Roker Rreport

Clark was the perpetrator of an infamous incident involving him sitting with another teams supporters at the FA cup and wearing a T-shirt that  used pejorative language to describe his current team's fans. Settle in folks this is a doozy.

Take A Look At Who Gets Relegated-Coming Home Newcastle

I clicked on this half expecting to see the words "surprise inclusion:Tottenham Hotspur", but that just because I'm  a debbie downer.

A Belated Tribute To Roger Brown And A Tribute To A Bygone Era-Cottager Confidential

I didn't know anything about Roger Brown before I read this, but I am a firm believer in honoring those that came before you. So read this and know what football once was.