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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For September 9, 2011

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Happy Friday Spursland! It's the end of the work week, Sandro signed a contract extension, and It has finally stopped raining on the east coast. All is right with the world. And finally, FINALLY we have Spurs football this weekend. We get to se Adebayor nock in a few maybe, hell I am even excited to see Scott Parker. This weekend is looking awesome!

And now the "news"

Villa Boas Doubts Chelsea Will Make A Renewed Modric Bid-Sky Sports

Jesus, this thing still isn't over? The Senate wraps things up faster than this, and yet here we are still seeing articles pop up about it. Yes I know it is more of a follow up/aftermath piece, but I am so sick of even hearing the words "Luka Modric" I could vomit. Have I mentioned my history of overreaction?

Europa League Game Against Shamrock Rovers To Be Played in Tallaght

Sad news for everyone looking forward to the game being played at the 51,000 seat Aviva Stadium. I, however, being the cheery optimistic fellow that I am, look forward to an old school game in a cramped, packed in stadium. The atmosphere should be brilliant.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Why the La Liga Rebellion Is Great For Football-SB Nation Soccer

Read this excellent piece about Jose Maria De Nido's Rebellion against the oppression of Barcelona and Madrid's massive, massive, as in compare Jupiter to the Moon massive gap in tv money betwen them and the rest of Spain.  

Paul Pogba About To Be Integrated Into The Manchester United First Team-The Busby Babe

Oh look! Yet another English team with another amazingly talented teenager! When will it end? I am as excited about Hurri' Kane and the rest of our lads as everyone else but it just seems that every English team a little bigger than us has much more talented teenagers and in way more numbers. I am just so depressed by this.

We Were Right All Along, Arsenal Really Are Dicks-The Short Fuse

That's right, Arsenal sued a tiny Spanish hat shop for having the same name.Because that's trademark infringement! The nerve of this hat shop to think they could name themselves anything they want. Serves them right, what did they think this was some kind of free market?        

A Big To-Do About A Big Geordie-Anfield Asylum

So rampant speculation that another big star athlete is a raging drunk. Shocking! But probably not the reason he can't break into the starting lineup. Luis Suarez is just so much better a fit for the team and Andy Carroll is a big slow meathead who can't keep up.

That's all for now boys and girls, have a good weekend, COYS