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Steven Pienaar Might Still Be Allowed To Play Football At Tottenham Hotspur

Stevie P. rises from the dead and onto the bench! (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Stevie P. rises from the dead and onto the bench! (Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It seems that most of Tottenham Hotspur's fringe players will be sticking around for the remainder of the season. Yesterday, Niko Kranjcar announced his intention to stay at Spurs ahead of Euro 2012, then Roman Pavlyuchenko's agent said that Spurs' asking price for the Russian Airplane (does that make him a MiG?) is too high, and today Harry Redknapp has said the Steven Pienaar still has a role to play at Spurs.

The South African midfielder has been at Spurs since last January, when he joined from Everton for £3 million. At the time it seemed like a pretty good move for a player that could provide cover all across the midfield and even challenge for a place in the first XI. However, Pienaar has been struck by a number of injuries and has been limited to only 15 total appearances.

As I said yesterday about Niko Kranjcar, Steven Pienaar is a good player to have in your squad. He's a capable reserve at multiple positions. He's proven at the Premier League level. Also, when Spurs want to play more defensively, Pienaar is an excellent player to throw onto the pitch in a defensive winger role.

Unfortunately, barring injury, I don't see too many games in the cards for Pienaar. Harry Redknapp doesn't like to rotate his squad very much and with Spurs only competing in two competitions at this point there are only so many games to go around. Hopefully, Pienaar sticks around sticks around for a few more seasons. When we're in the Champions League, we'll need players like him.