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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 13, 2012

Can I haz a Samba?
Can I haz a Samba?

Happy Friday Spursland! So in case you guys haven't taken the time to look at any sports website in existence, everyone is shoehorning the words "title" and "Spurs" into the same headline in the past few days. For some reason I doubt that most people doing so actually believe it. I find it condescending and dumb. Or maybe I am just not used to not being an underdog.

And now "the news"

Rovers Claim They Have Rejected To Bid For Samba From An Un-Named Club- Sky Sports

Oh, that's the way you fellas want to play it, huh. I think this little bit of gamesmanship just made a certain Nasferatu looking football executive lick his chops.

Livermore Can Play For Anyone Says Harry- The Guardian

Does Harry know what the word "everyone" means? I don't think Harry knows what that means. I mean Jake is a workable fill in at this level, but Stevie G in his prime he is not.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Your SB Nation MLS Super Draft Coverage- SB Nation Soccer

What exactly makes this draft "super"? It doesn't make MLS sound any cooler that you just tossed the word super in there. It looks like you are desperate for attention, which you are, but pointing that out to everyone in the media is a great way to get ignored. Unless you are from a mildly prominent Hollywood family and have a giant ass, then it apparently works really god damn well.

Compare And Contrast Josh McEachran And An Evil Death Zombie -We Ain't Got No History

Well at least it is nice to know that it isn't just a slow news day over here.

The Curse Of Expectations, Why Kaka Is Undervalued- Managing Madrid

A great analysis that has some compelling statistics to back up its thesis.