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Tottenham Hotspur Reject QPR Bid, Have No Interest In Selling Midfielder

He shall stay and if fit, he shall play
He shall stay and if fit, he shall play

Steven Pienaar has spent his year at Tottenham Hotspur as the ball in the training table and bench's game of ping pong, but that's not going to get him a move away from White Hart Lane. He's been rumored to be on the move to Everton or Aston Villa, either be move or loan, and now Queens Park Rangers have put a bid in on the midfielder, but Spurs rejected it and Harry Redknapp insists that they have no interest in selling Pienaar.

"I wouldn't want to let him go. He is a good player," Redknapp said. "I brought him on for the last 10 minutes against Everton on Wednesday and he didn't give the ball away. I don't have any need to weaken the squad. I would rather have a good squad for last 18 matches of the season than let one or two go who could play a part in the run-in."

Penaar has only started five times for Spurs since being bought last January, but not because Redknapp didn't like him. When Gareth Bale was hurt last year Redknapp turned to Pienaar and he even started in Spurs' Champions League match against AC Milan. A concussion sidelined him soon after he joined the team though then his groin flared up and what was supposed to be a minor injury just got worse and worse. Eventually, it became an injury that kept him out more than six months.

It is no surprise that Mark Hughes would be interested in signing Pienaar. He has a squad to make over and keep from relegation and if healthy, Pienaar would be a massive upgrade for a team short on wide players. He also has value to Spurs too though.

While not a classic sideline hugging winger, Pienaar is the closest thing to a wide player that Tottenham have on the bench. His absence has presented a problem for Spurs when either Gareth Bale or Aaron Lennon could not play and they've had to put Luka Modric out wide, disrupting the 4-4-1-1 formation and style of wide attacking that they favor. If Pienaar can get fit though, he'll be able to slot in on the wings behind either Bale or Lennon, which could be vital if the club really fancies themselves title contenders.