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It Is Time To Have A Laugh At Arsenal's Expense

Why you have to be so mad?
Why you have to be so mad?

Sometimes it is important to sit back and laugh. It's healthy and it's way more fun than glaring at your co-worker, wife, brother or Alan Hutton. When you can get that laugh in at the expense of Arsenal, well you don't need any health reason to do it. It's just the right thing to do so let's turn to the Guardian for the first paragraph of their match report on Woolwich's loss at Swansea.

Arsenal could not contain their anger after succumbing to a defeat that leaves them struggling to hold on to Chelsea's coat-tails in the race for the Champions League qualification places. First Thierry Henry became involved in a row with one of the travelling supporters. Then Arsène Wenger fiercely criticised Michael Oliver, the referee, accused Nathan Dyer of diving to win a penalty and lambasted a dreadful defensive performance from his team.

Well now none of that can be right. That doesn't sound like Arsenal at all. They're getting ready for a great run towards the top of the table, their supporters are a bunch of top lads, all of their plaers are top lads and Arsene Wenger is never one to be a poor sport and direct anger at a referee, right? Well no. Basically, let's go Opposite Day on this entire paragraph.

See, Henry got mad because one of the away supporters talked bad about the team. As he explained after the match, he thinks supporters should always support their team and should never, ever, ever say a bad word about them. This is because Henry is so full of class and didn't make hand gestures at the supporter or reportedly point at the supporter, inviting him onto the field for what would undoubtedly a nice hug and kiss.

We could get into more detail about Wenger and his referee rant, but it is not as if we haven't heard it before. Take last week's rant or the one from last month or the one from two weeks before that or whenever else you'd like, swap in the referee's name and bam, you know what he said.

Wait, what did Wenger say? I couldn't hear it above my laughing.