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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 17, 2012

Daniel Levy, knife fight extraordinaire
Daniel Levy, knife fight extraordinaire

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Well here we are, January 17th, and we have our first signing! And it is a player that we already kind of had. Way to disappoint the children, Mr. Levy.

And now the "news"

"I'm Not Leaving"- Remy- Sky Sports

Fine, we didn't like you anyways!

Defoe, Demba Ba And Llorente Linked To Liverpool-

Are Liverpool the new Man City? Like do they know it isn't cool if you take EVERYONE we want? But it doesn't matter because the only way to get Defoe away from Dan Levy is to beat him at a knife fight and nobody beats Levy in a knife fight.

Bolton Looking To Pay 4 Million For Dos Santos- Football Fancast

Well, I mean it is a steep price, but sure we will pay you the 4 million quid for you to take this kid off our ha...I'm sorry what? I don't understand? What do you guys mean when you say that you will be paying us? Ok, you guys are clearly drunk. Call us when you are sober and please don't drive.

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump

Liverpool Suck To Much To Wear Adidas- SB Nation Soccer

Wow. I mean, read the article for details, but that is some rough shit. I have always been an Asics guy and a good thing too. Looking back at my athletic career there is a time or to that I think if I were wearing Adidas some exec would have shown up and ripped the shoes off my feet.

Assorted Gary Cahill Thoughts- We Ain't Got No History

Click this, just click it and scroll down to where it talks about how much this asshole is making a week. Like, I mean, just go screw.

Managing Madrid Podcast Episode 210- Managing Madrid

If you have today off like I do and are spending your day putting together a shelf, maybe you should do what I'm doing, which is fail at putting together a shelf while listening to this.