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Tottenham Hotspur Transfer Rumor Tuesday: Defoe To Go, Robben To Come In

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Well boys and girls, there are exactly two weeks left in the January transfer window and so far the only major moves made by the top clubs have been the signing of Gary Cahill by Chelsea and Paul Scholes' return from retirement for Manchester United. Tottenham Hotspur did make a signing yesterday by permanently purchasing Iago Falque from Juventus and then immediately loaning him to Southampton, but that's hardly a major move.

Something really needs to happen soon or I'm going to go nuts. It doesn't have to be a purchase by Tottenham Hotspur. It can be Manchester City splashing the cash for a central defender or Arsenal buying some sixteen year old I've never heard of. Honestly, it can be anything. I just need something to happen.

Seventhpool To Buy An Overrated English Striker: Hey, Jermain Defoe. How would you like to never walk alone? What's that? No, the fans aren't racist. I would, however, recommend paying that young lad to watch you car for you. Yes, Liverpool seem to be interested in acquiring Defoe's service for £10 million. I'm not too upset by this move except for the fact that it leaves us with two misfiring strikers. If Spurs were to bring in a competent striker I'd be fairly happy to let Defoe depart. However, £10 million is not nearly enough money. If Liverpool want Defoe they're going to have to pay something much closer to £20 million. I don't care if that fee is unrealistic, we're talking about Liverpool here.

Tottenham To Consider Going Dutch: You know how we all complain about Aaron Lennon? Well, how would you like to have Arjen Robben on the right wing? Tottenham are believed to be lining up a move for the Bayern Munich midfielder. Bayern Munich may want as much as £28 million for Robben, which for someone so injury prone seems a bit ridiculous. Adding Robben's goalscoring ability and free kick taking would be a great asset, but a team with both he and Rafael Van der Vaart would be an exceptionally lazy one. I think the price is too much for this one, but a guy can dream, right?

Niko Heading To Moscow: With the changes being made to the Russian Premier League this year it seems like Russian teams will be planning on spending big this window. CSKA Moscow are one of the eight clubs playing in the Championship group this spring; they also have a UEFA Champions League knockout round draw with Real Madrid. The side could use some more creativity in it, especially if they sell midfielder Keisuke Honda. As a result, the Army Men could be looking towards Niko Kranjcar. I'm in favor of cashing in on some of our fringe players, but I'm not sure Niko is the player I want to cash in on. Unless we're going to get a lot of money I don't think we should be selling.

The Most Ridiculous Swap Rumor Ever: Just in case the Pigeon still wants to go to Chelsea now we can get Fernando Gingerbread in return. Yes, that's right Chelsea and Tottenham are rumored to be considering a straight swap of Luka Modric for Fernando Torres. Sure, Harry Redknapp has rubbished these rumors. My mind can't even fathom how dumb this rumor is. Could you imagine having both Fernando Torres and Emmanuel Adebayor fluffing chances? My heart is aflutter.

Because One Can Never Have Enough Goalkeepers: I've honestly never seen this guy, Javi Jemenez, play, but I can tell you that he has an awful haircut. Tottenham are interested in bringing the Real Murcia keeper in on a loan until the end of the season. This would seem to indicate to me that HArry Redknapp is interested in selling one of his other keepers, namely Heurelho Gomes, and needs Jemenez on the roster to keep his three goalkeeper fetish going. If this is a loan then I suppose I'm ok with it, even if I do love Gomes.

Player We're Not Being Linked With But Should Be: I mentioned this on Wheeler Dealer Radio last week, but I think it bears repeating here. Benfica's Oscar Cardozo is worth a look. He's fallen down the pecking order at Estadio de Luz. The striker is rumored to have a €60 million buyout clause, which clubs would need to pay. I don't see any club, especially Tottenham Hotspur meeting that valuation. If he could be had for something closer to £12 million he could be an excellent asset to the club.

Player We're Actually Going To Sign This Week: Now that Christopher Samba has officially handed in a transfer request to his bosses at Blackburn Rovers it seems increasingly likely that he will be on the move. Rumors seem to point to the big center back joining Queens Park Rangers, but I have a feeling that he'll be coming to Tottenham Hotspur. I don't want this deal to happen, so it seems obvious to me that this deal will eventually go through.