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Joleon Lescott Tells Tottenham Hotspur To "Shoo Fly"

Shoo fly, don't bother me, Spurs
Shoo fly, don't bother me, Spurs

Tottenham Hotspur and their supporters may fancy the club as title contenders, but at least one man in the Manchester City dressing room doesn't. Third place and five points back or not, Joleon Lescott appears to see Spurs as more of a minor annoyance than a real threat to City, unlike their red neighbors.

"Beating Spurs would open up a big gap between us and them," Lescott said obviously before getting to the fun stuff. "No disrespect to Spurs but we see Man United as our main rivals because they're second in the league. We need to focus on the next team behind us and at this moment in time that's United. As much as the points are vital to create a gap between us and Spurs, it's more important to pull away from Man United."

Well, Lescott is correct in that United are closer to them than Spurs are so he's got that going for him, but was his opinion different on Saturday morning before Spurs drew against Wolves? When Tottenham were even on points with United, were they tied for the next team behind City and therefor a team City had to focus on? Or did Lescott deem goal difference to be a vital determinant in which teams are real challengers to their spot atop the table?

Of course, none of this matters. It doesn't sound as if Lescott is really dismissing Spurs are counting three points ahead of time. It is just an interesting way of looking down at the rest of the league from his team's spot atop the table and, frankly, that's just fine with me. Spurs have a much better chance of racking up points and making a run up the table when dismissed and ignored. The spotlight can give Spurs the heebie jeebies.

So ignore Tottenham, Joleon. I like it better that way anyways.