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How Is Leandro Damiao Doing Since Spurs Passed On The Brazilian?

Give him the thumbs up, Levy!
Give him the thumbs up, Levy!

Leandro Damião was so close to becoming a Spur. At least that is what we were told, until we were told that Tottenham Hotspur were really never that close. But then there was the report that the club was talking with Internacional and were discussing things and not that far away, but then that other club wanted him and Harry Redknapp never really knew who he was anyways, or did he? Basically, Spurs' chase of Damião went exactly the same way most Spurs transfer sagas go, complete with the ending where the player never ends up at White Hart Lane.

Whatever actually happened between Damião is a really good player and Spurs weren't willing to pay whatever Internacional wanted for him, football went on. Spurs got Emmanuel Adebayor to be the lone striker and Damião went back to playing for Internacional. That's not the end of things though because Adebayor is likely gone when his loan ends after the season and Damião remains in play, so how has that fantastic Brazilian fared since Spurs waved him and/or Internacional off?

For one, Damião scored his first goal for Brazil and can you guess where he did it? Yup, it was in London. Thankfully, it was in West London at Craven Cottage and not in North London or I might have lit things on fire, but it was close enough to White Hart Lane to account for serious anger. Back on topic, Damião made a good run, took a good pass and finished well (HE FINISHED!). There are even moving pictures to prove it.

Damião was very good for Internacional too. He helped them to a fifth place finish in the Brasileiro, which earns them a Copa Libertadores places and the 22-year-old did it as the team's leading scorer with 14 goals. Those 14 goals were also good for fourth-best in the league, albeit a long ways off of league leading Borges, who scored 23. Even so, fourth in goals and a Libertadores spot? Not too shabby.

Basically, what we've learned about Damião since Spurs passed on him in the summer is that he is very good, which we already knew, so maybe we didn't learn anything. Oh wait, we learned that Spurs were dumb to pass on him, or did he know that before? I'm sure there's something in there that we learned...oh! Now that Internacional are back in Libertadores, Damião is going to cost a pretty penny. See! We learned things.

Also, Damião is still really good and Spurs should buy him now. No, it's not new, but seriously, Levy, do it.