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Filed Under Please Go Away: Olympic Stadium Spying Case Is Still A Thing

Just blow the place up
Just blow the place up

Remember that Olympic Stadium thing? You know, Tottenham Hotspur chased after it even though there were precisely zero supporters who wanted it? West Ham was awarded it, but then not awarded it, then they started over, then there was spying then the entire site was just going to be demolished because that's the right thing to do and it will go away then (if only such a thing could happen)? Well apparently it is still a thing.

Yesterday, a fourth man was arrested in connection to the spying case related to the stadium and to Spurs. Supposedly a company was caught spying on West Ham and the OPLC during the bidding process that was scrapped and they may or may not have been working for Spurs.

It emerged during a separate high court case that a company, which a judge said was hired by Tottenham, had copies of a West Ham executive's telephone records that had been "unlawfully obtained by subterfuge".

The investigators allegedly employed by Tottenham were from the accountancy firm PKF, whose former partner Howard Hill was arrested last week on suspicion of fraud.

Tottenham have previously insisted that it "did not instruct PKF to engage in any unlawful activity and PKF have confirmed that they did not."

So what does this mean? I don't have the slightest clue (if you do know, please enlighten us). It doesn't sound like Spurs are in any danger with the law, but that might just be poor reading between the lines on my part. What is clear though is that everything that is even the slightest bit connected to the Olympic stadium post-Olympics is stupid and should go away forever.