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Where Have All The Transfer Rumors Gone

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Typically, during this time of year we Spurs fans are inundated with transfer rumors. Any team or agent looking to drive up the price of a player links that player with a move to Tottenham Hotspur. For some reason, though, that doesn't seem to be happening this January. which begs the questions: What the fuck is going on?

Not only have a number of high profile players, who, in theory, Tottenham should be interested in, have changed clubs. Most recently it's been Papis Demba Cisse. It seems like the moves of Moussa Sow, Christopher Samba, and Henrique are set to happen before the end of the window. Certainly some of these players have been rumored to be on Spurs' radar, but nothing quite so heavy as what the rumor mill churned out over the summer. I admit it's getting frustrating seeing these players move to other clubs, but it's even more frustrating to see them not even being linked with Tottenham.

There could be a number of reasons for this. First, it could be that people actually believe manager Harry Redknapp's declarations that Spurs won't be buying anyone. Second, it could be that, with Spurs already exceeding expectations, it's just not as fun to link these players with a move to White Hart Lane. However, the most probable answer is that other teams are IN CRISIS. Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool are performing below expectations and Manchester United are struggling with injuries. It's much more fun to link every player with moves to the clubs that are perceived to be in desperate need of players than it is to a club like Tottenham with a strong squad.

Maybe we should be worried, but perhaps this is a good thing. Maybe it means that Tottenham have arrived at the top. Or maybe it means that we're boring and not going to buy anyone ever. I hope it's not the latter.