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Scottish Football Still A Thing, Spurs Kind Of Care

James Forrest just found out Scottish football is still a thing too
James Forrest just found out Scottish football is still a thing too

Apparently Scottish football is still a thing. You could have fooled me. You could have fooled a lot of people, but it still is a thing and there's this kid by the name of James Forrest at Celtic that is supposedly halfway decent. Tottenham Hotspur have even shown interest in him, although Harry Redknapp was quick to squash any rumors of Spurs having bid for him.

"He’s a good player but we’ve not made any bids," Redknapp said. "If we did, I would speak to Neil Lennon. He’s a player we’ve had watched but he belongs to Celtic."

As far as Scottish football goes, Forrest is kind of a big deal. He's a star for the Scotland youth internationals and at 21 years old, he already has made a handful of appearances for the senior team. He's a winger and he's small at just 5-foot-7. That is the extent of my knowledge of him because, let's be serious now. No one watches Scottish football when there is pretty much any other football in the world going on.

P.S.- I know that quote is coming from the Mail, but I don't think even the Mail would completely fabricate quotes so let's go ahead and work under the assumption that Harry said it. You know, much in the same way we're working under the assumption that Scottish football is still a thing (*ducking from the Hearts supporters*).