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Tottenham Hotspur Extend Pavkyuchenko's Contract

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Roman Pavlyuchenko's agent has confirmed that Tottenham Hotspur have exercised their option to extend the Russian striker's contract one year. Pavlyuchenko will now be under contract with Tottenham until 2013. If you think that this means Spurs are considering keeping Pav, I'd wager that you're wrong. With the player now under contract for longer Spurs can command a higher transfer fee.

Apparently this news is very old, but because Tottenham are so tight-lipped about everything we're just hearing about it now. According to Pav's agent Oleg Artemov told Russian website

"Tottenham, headed by Mr [Daniel] Levy, had the option of extending his contract, and they have done so. They informed UEFA, FIFA and the English FA that they have extended the contract by a year. This happened about two or three months ago, so this is already quite old news."

This whole Pavlyuchenko saga is getting a bit ridiculous. It's time to let the player move on. I don't see him doing anything the rest of this season to increase his value, so we may as well offload him now. If he sticks around the only way we're going to get a lot of money for him is if he plays well at Euro 2012, but I wouldn't count on that.