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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 24, 2012

How did these guys figure it out?
How did these guys figure it out?

Happy Tuesday Spursland! So Harry Redknapp's trial has started and you will find out later on how amazing it is that he hasn't already been convicted and sentenced to death for stupidity. I can't believe someone lets this guy make decisions more complicated than Big Mac or McNuggets. It makes perfect sense that this guy would say, "Just run round a bit." Because those are the only words his brain could string together into a sentence just then. YES I AM STILL PISSED AT BILLY CUNDIFF AND AM ALLOWING IT TO AFFECT MY EVERY LIFE DECISION. WHY DO YOU ASK?

And now the "news"

Danes Will Not Stand In Teenage Stars Big Money Move-Sky Sports

The kid has been linked with, well every major club in Europe but I have never heard of him so I don't care until The editors tell me too.

Harry's Tax Evasion Plan Was Foolproof-BBC

An account in the name of his dog. That's how he did it. I mean are you kidding me? How does a bank account in the name of "Spot Redknapp" not arouse suspicion. No wonder this moron got caught.

What's happening around SB Nation After the jump

Sebastian Prodl Suffers Broken Face-SB Nation Soccer

What a wuss! He can totally still play he just needs one of these bad boys.

Andrei Arshavin Is Not A Goat-SB Nation Soccer

He is also not good. Does anyone else remember that entire summer we spent a few years ago begging this guy to come to Spurs? We dodged a bullet there boys.

Is It Right To Boo?-The Short Fuse

A nice little exploration of if it is right or wrong to boo. There is no right answer really but I'll say this, I boo. I boo like a son of a bitch. If you are in my stadium and dumb enough to come out one by one with the announcer giving the starting lineup I am that guy who after every name is said yells, "SUCKS!!!!!" at the top of my lungs. Am I kind of a dick? Yes, but you guys already knew that, so who cares.