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It's Mail Time! Get In Your Questions For Wheeler Dealer Radio!

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We're recording Wheeler Dealer Radio this afternoon/evening and we wanted to give you all plenty of time to get your questions in. We'll be discussing, hopefully in a calm and collected manner, the Manchester City match and previewing Tottenham Hotspur's upcoming FA Cup fixture against Watford. Heck, depending on how things go we may even take some time to talk about Spur's match against Wigan next week.

So, we've got a pretty full docket, but we always have time for your questions. What would you like to hear us talk about? There's only one rule: No questions about Redknapp's trial. None of us know how it's going to turn out, we don't know if Harry will go to jail, etc. So, questions on anything other than that will be perfectly acceptable.

So want to drop us a line for the pod? Here's how:

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