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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links January 26, 2012

You are discriminating against me or something!
You are discriminating against me or something!

Happy Thursday Spursland! I am officially giving up on anything happening this week, which is my way of daring fate to make a s$%^ ton of stuff happen before the weekend. Come on fate, make me your bitch.

And now what little news there is.

The FA Responds To Other Dumb Things Ballotelli's Agent Said- Sky Sports

I think it is fare to assume now that Mario Balotelli has been paying this guy to ruin his career by pissing everyone off. It is the only logical explanation.

Harry Claims He Is Being Victimized Because Of His Cockney Accent- Sky Sports

Are. You. Kidding?

What's happening around SB Nation after the jump, there is bound to be more news here than about Spurs.

VIDEO: Dani Alves Scores Awesome Goal, Commits Crime Against Dance- SB Nation Soccer

The dancing in the video comes first, and as bad as it is, the goal is equally as good.

Animals With Soccer Balls Are Adoracute- SB Nation Soccer


VIDEO: Ghana Sings And Dances Way More Awesome Than Dani Alves- SB Nation Soccer

Ghana> Glee