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Watford Vs. Tottenham Hotspur, 2012 FA Cup: A Quick Preview For A Quick Jaunt

Giant Russian, little Sisqo. Both will probably play. The FA Cup!
Giant Russian, little Sisqo. Both will probably play. The FA Cup!

More FA Cup! Who's excited?!? Instead of playing against teams and players we know, Tottenham will play Watford in the fourth round. On the plus side, the match is at Vicarage Road, which is just a hop, skip and jump away from the Lane so there won't be too many directions for Harry to read and he might actually be able to make it to the stadium. Also, the close match means nobody will waste too much gas heading to Watford. Go environment!

Nobody expects Spurs to play too many first teamers. There was that City match on Sunday and there's a Premier League match on Tuesday. This one is just sandwiched in the middle and does nothing for helping qualify for the Champions League (duh) so it's far down on the totem poll. Maybe a quarterfinal match against Liverpool will make Spurs give the FA Cup a real go, but until then, nope.

In case Spurs supporters were considering worrying about this match because the team won't be playing many first teamers, remember this. Not only are Watford a Championship team, but they're on a terrible run of form with just two wins in their last eight and nine goals conceded in their last four matches.

All in all, this should be a pretty simple Tottenham win...oh wait, those things don't exist.

Random fact: Spurs have only lost one of their last 27 FA Cup ties when drawn against a lower division team. All of you degenerate gamblers out there (me), take note.