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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. West Bromwich Albion: It's Three Points And Roy Hodgson Is A Jerkface

Thank you, Sisqo.
Thank you, Sisqo.

I'm going to be very honest with you guys. I was watching this game while I was watching the City-Liverpool game, and my internet went out for 20 minutes right after this match. Between only half-watching this game, Roy Hodgson's tactics and my internet, I am pissy. I am in a crappy ass mood. But hey, WE WON.

Emmanuel Adebayor was pretty bad. Our substitutions were inane. Sandro's injury is the worst thing out of all of the things. But hey, how about that finish by Sisqo? Jermain Defoe is in his best form in about two years, and his finish was a classic poacher's finish. Ade and Rafael Van der Vaart might be better footballers, but they can't score that goal.

Honestly, other than that sexy-ass finish, this game was utter crap. Mostly because of Roy Hodgson's rubbish tactics. Partially because of our injuries. Whatever. THREE FREAKING POINTS. FIVE CLEAR OF THE FIGHTIN' ABRAMOVICHES. SIX CLEAR OF WWFC. WOO.

/goes to bed