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Cartilage Free Captain's Transfer Deadline Blowout: A Schedule And Disclaimer

As everyone knows, there are two big things happening tomorrow in Spursland. One, we play a game. An actual, competitive Premier League fixture that we really need three points out of. That is going to be very important. Two, it's transfer deadline day. Tottenham Hotspur are not expected to sign any senior players, but no one expected January 31 to go down like it did last season. We heard grumbles, but the madness came out of the blue.

We generally keep it to one transfer rumor post per day, at maximum around here. Sometimes we do two. They're usually posted in a joking manner and with proper context. We will continue to operate in this fashion 363 (or in 2012, 364) days per year. On the two deadline days, we go nuts.

Those of you who have been around for a while know the drill. For those of you who don't: We are going to post a lot tomorrow. Half of what we post will be rubbish. It's going to be really, really, really fun, and you should take ABSOLUTELY NOTHING seriously until a club makes an official announcement.

Starting early in the morning, we will have a Cover It Live blog for everyone to chat in. We'll discuss Spurs rumors and the stuff that's going on with other clubs. This chat will be stickied to the top of the page so you don't lose it among all of the madness. That chat will close when the match thread for the game against Wigan goes up. After the match report for that game is posted, a brand new night CIL will go up to the top of the page for the final three hours before the transfer window shuts.

If transfer rumors are not your thing ... I apologize. But we'll post the match thread on Twitter and Facebook for those who want to partake in the normal CFC goodness without all of the nonsense. But if you like nonsense, it is your lucky day! Enjoy the ride.

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