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Giovani Dos Santos Is Going To Have To Get Comfy At White Hart Lane

Gio will stay, of course
Gio will stay, of course

The new transfer policy at Tottenham Hotspur is apparently to collect all of the players possible, just none of the ones they actually want. Example A: Giovani dos Santos. He does not play and Harry Redknapp has no intention of playing him anytime soon. Even so, Daniel Levy wants at least £6 million for the Mexican and will not sell at anything less, which makes zero sense, but Levy is sticking to it, which leaves us with this.

"Giovani dos Santos has offers from Russia and the United States but he has told them that he is not going to play there," dos Santos' agent told ESPN Raza Deportiva. "Tottenham told Giovani that Major League Soccer had put in an offer for him but the player has other plans. As things stand it appears that Giovani dos Santos will stay at Spurs."

And with this news, no one is happy. Gio isn't happy staying at the Lane to not play. His agent isn't happy to be getting no new money. Spurs aren't happy to keep a player they don't want, but as long as Levy wants his £6 million he will stay at Spurs. So who is going to pay £6 million for a player who hasn't played regularly in years? Even Liverpool wouldn't pay that kind of money and real clubs like Sevilla and Villarreal want him and are willing to pay real money for him. Basically, Levy is [blank]y Mc[Blank]erson.

Gio is still a good player, but he has no place at Spurs and no one at Spurs wants him. Naturally, Spurs will keep him. WE WILL HAVE ALL OF THE PLAYERS (except those we want).

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