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Tottenham Hotspur To Try And Keep Star Striker, Wages Be Damned

"I will give back the monies."
"I will give back the monies."

Because we believe everything that The Mail writes (FOR THOSE OF YOU OVEREXCITED ON DEADLINE DAY, THIS IS SARCASM), it appears as if Tottenham Hotspur think they can buy Emmanuel Adebayor for £8 million and that he will cut his wages almost in half because White Hart Lane is so desirable. This is totally true.

It is no secret that Spurs need a striker for next season when Adebayor's loan is up so Leandro Damiao, come on down! Wait, no, but Lucas Barrios, you're up! Except that's a lie. I suppose there is Andy Carroll if Spurs have an extra £35 million lying around, or maybe a nickel.

So Spurs are without a striker for next season. Hey, wait! I have a solution! How about Spurs bring back the striker from this season and it is possible because Adebayor may have been bought for £25 million, but he is on the outs at City and has nowhere to go. Why wouldn't they take £8 million and call it a day?

There is that pesky problem of Adebayor getting paid £170,000 per week and Spurs being able to max out at maybe £100,000. Now if I were Adebayor, I'd say £100,000 per week is plenty of money and would love to put on that white shirt for the next lots of years, but I don't think the same applies to Adebayor, who has said, "we all play football to get money."

So Spurs are going to bid just £8 million for Adebayor AND the striker is going to take a massive pay cut to make it all happen? Oh, Mail, you've got us again.

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