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Wigan Striker Tickles Harry Redknapp's Fancy

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo, Hugo rockin' everywhere
Hugo, Hugo, Hugo, Hugo rockin' everywhere

It's transfer deadline day and Tottenham Hotspur are in need of a striker (for the 3,019th consecutive transfer window) so let's take a spin on the striker transfer carousel. Doo, doo, doo, da, da, da, doo, da. Hey, there is Huge Rodallega, the Wigan Athletic striker who Spurs are totally going to sign. Wait, this one might actually make a tiny bit of sense (emphasis on the tiny).

The Mirror is reporting (patience now, we'll get to the tiny bit of sense), that Spurs will look to sign Rodallega as a replacement for Roman Pavlyuchenko, who the club will try to offload today. With Rodallega's contract set to expire after the year and his refusing to re-up for Wigan, he's a hot commodity at the moment. Considering a Pavlyuchenko exit wouldn't surprise anyone, a Pav sale with Rodallega replacing him actually makes one plus one equal two.

The most fun part of this all is that Spurs will be playing Wigan tomorrow so Rodallega could play for the Latics at White Hart Lane, then walk across to the other dressing room after.

"I don't think the game will affect things, really," Rodallega said. "There are people within the club that know what the thoughts of the manager are and they get on and do it. You concentrate on what job you are supposed to do so that's got nothing to do with it. Nothing is imminent as far as I am aware, but in the past Tottenham have come in with a late purchase and there's always a possibility in football."

This is still the Mirror, but this one actually makes sense so that is refreshing. Whether there's any truth to the rumor, well, is it heads or tails?

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