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A Few Lies Can Turn Frowns Upside Down on Transfer Deadline Day

I want to hear that we're going to swoop in for Karl Henry
I want to hear that we're going to swoop in for Karl Henry

Every transfer deadline day, 95% of the teams in the world do not get the players they hoped to get or were erroneously linked to, causing their supporters to break down, cry and boost stock in beer everywhere. It's the one truth of world football, but what if there was a way for clubs to throw their supporters a bone?

There is seemingly no way around the disappointment. Every team chases players and as little as a call asking, "how much for player x?" is reported and written about in every paper everywhere. When teams aren't chasing enough players to cause the necessary amount of fun, someone will make up a rumor and these all get fans excited. It's not possible to avoid the disappointment when your club is linked to all of the players you want most, or is it? Can teams throw their fans a bone and putting smiles on their supporters' faces just for the sake of putting smiles on their supporters' faces? You betcha.

Clubs have one easy way of making their supporters happy on deadline day. Lie to them. They can't lie about players they signed because those would blow up in their faces by the time the players never suited up for the club, but why not lie about who they are linked to and at what price? If a club leaked to the papers that they are interested in a few bad to average players for a lot of money and the deals never happened, supporters would be happy on deadline day about the deals that didn't happen instead of disappointed at the players they wish were signed and never were.

By the time the deadline passes on Monday, Spurs will have likely signed nobody of note and the "what ifs" on Leandro Damiao, Lucas Barrios, Marko Marin, Jan Vertonghen and the rest will have supporters down at the local bar, but what if the club lied? What if Spurs leaked deals to the papers all day so all the rumors on deadline day were that Spurs might sign Kevin Davies for £6 million, Wayne Bridge for £9 million and Landon Donovan for £17 million? When the deadline passed and none of the deals went through Spurs supporters would look at their club, the club's team and the money not wasted and smile.

Most of the disappointment on transfer deadline day is brought on by expectations. We know the rumors are rumors and flimsy ones at that, but those are what we hope our teams do. We want Leandro and Marin and the rest so when we come up empty it is disappointing so throw us a bone, clubs. Tell us that you're on the verge of overspending for a bunch of whatever. Give us a happy 31st for a change.

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