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Tottenham - Everton striker swap is thing I hope is not a thing


Here is a thing that I hope is absolutely fake. The Daily Mail are reporting that Tottenham Hotspur are lining up a little bit of a striker swap. Spartak Moscow are in for Roman Pavlyuchenko and Spurs are trying to see if other Premier League clubs are interested in signing him. If Spurs let Pav leave, they would, according to this report, want to bring in Louis Saha on loan. Everton are probably willing to let Saha go just to avoid paying his wages after signing Nikola Jelavic.

Um, no. Do not want. DO NOT WANT. Even though he's actually been able to stay fit for half a season for the first time in a long time, Saha has been downright crap this year. More useless than Pavlyuchenko. This is a move that makes the team worse. The twitter machine is talking like this is a thing, so it might be more than just the Mail doing their Mail thing, but I really hope it's just nonsense. Please. Please be bogus.

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