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Transfer Deadline Day, January 2012 Live Blog

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Welcome to Cartilage Free Captain's live blog for January transfer deadline day 2012! We'll be updating on all of the rumors -- legitimate and absurd -- right here until just before the Tottenham Hotspur - Wigan Athletic game. We will have new posts on the site throughout the day, but every time we post something new, we'll make sure that this goes back to the top of the page so that you guys don't have to dig around to find it.

At 2:15 p.m. ET and 7:15 p.m. GMT, 30 minutes before the kickoff of the Wigan match, this blog will go dead. We will then shift the conversation over to our live match thread and focus on the game for two hours. After the match report for the game is up, we'll throw up a new live blog for the final two hours of deadline day.

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