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Milos Krasic Transfer To Tottenham: More Smoke, Fire Possible But Unconfirmed

Smoke and more smoke, could there be fire?
Smoke and more smoke, could there be fire?

Joe Jordan is adding fuel to the Milos Krasic fire. More and more the rumors about Krasic heat up as the day goes on. It's being reported that he did not travel with the team to Parma and Roma is looking to move him today at any price. Word is that Zenit St. Petersburg, Cheslea, Liverpool, and Tottenham are all in on the player. Now, Joe Jordan is adding fuel to the fire by discussing the transfer and being as non commital as possible, saying that MAYBE Tottenham has heard of this Krasic fellow, and MAYBE they're interested.

The reported deal would be for a loan, with a look to buy Krasic at the end of it depending on his performance. His agent is talking about the fact that Russia's transfer window is staying open until February for leverage, but it looks like his client would prefer to stay in the continental spotlight and go to England. More is sure to follow as this develops.

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