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Roman Pavlyuchenko Could Still Be Sold After The Transfer Deadline

No more of this, come March
No more of this, come March

For hours, a rumor has been swirling that Louis Saha is on his way from Tottenham Hotspur to Everton. While neither club has confirmed that deal, it was reported by multiple reputable journalists and has not been debunked by anyone. It is probably a thing. When this report emerged, most assumed that Roman Pavlyuchenko would be moved elsewhere today. At the moment, there are no strong rumors linking him to anyone. Panic time?

Not quite. Remember: The Russian transfer window closes on February 24. Even if the deadline hits today and Pav is still on the roster, he can be sold to a Russian Premier League club. Because he still has three weeks to make a deal, it makes sense for Daniel Levy to play hardball with Spartak Moscow, Anzhi, or anyone else who might be interested. My guess is that Pav will be a Spurs player on February 1, but will not be a Spurs player on February 25.

I also think the same applies to Andrei Arshavin and Arsenal, for what it's worth.

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