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Officially Official: Tottenham Hotspur Signs Louis Saha From Everton

Okay then.
Okay then.

Both Tottenham Hotspur (here) and Everton (here) have announced the Louis Saha transfer via their official club websites. The deal was all but confirmed by reputable sources early in the day, but it was likely contingent on Spurs getting a deal in place for the transfer of Roman Pavlyuchenko. Details about a transfer of Pav to Russia have emerged late, and now that Saha is officially a Spurs player, we can expect that Comrade Vrrooooooom will depart for the RPL before the Russian transfer deadline.

Saha was out of contract at the end of the season, so this is not a loan, but a signing. This is either a free or a very nominal fee, as Everton simply wanted his wages off the books in order to sign Jelavic without increasing their wage bill. Some sources are calling it a 6-month contract, while others are calling it an 18-month contract. Neither team has confirmed that detail.

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