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Tottenham Hotspur Vs. Cheltenham Town, 2012 FA Cup: Preview, The Mighty Robins Come To The Lane

I throw my hands in the air sometimes, saying ayo, we might see Gio (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
I throw my hands in the air sometimes, saying ayo, we might see Gio (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Some people are experts on horticulture. Some people are experts on synchronized swimming. Some people are experts on Cheltenham Town. I am an expert on all three, if by expert you mean I have an equal knowledge on all three. That is to say I have zero knowledge on all three, although it's the Cheltenham Town part that is most relevant here considering Tottenham Hotspur play them in the FA Cup third round kind of proper because it is slurping its soup and has its elbow on the table.

So let's review things that we know about Cheltenham Town: 1) They play football 2) They are from Cheltenham 3) They play in League 2 4) They are in second place in League 2 5) They are nicknamed the Robins, which used to be the nickname of the Los Angeles Dodgers back when they were in Brooklyn and the world was about 50 years from the spread of these glowy, shiny boxes we call TV's so I'm inclined to like them.

Now that we're well-versed on Spurs' opponent, let's get caught up on the club that could very well lose this match because it would just be so Spursian. First off, Harry Redknapp is going to give the FA Cup a real go because he thinks he can win it, or maybe not. It could just be 'Arry being 'Arry, much in the same way that he does or does not know who Ganso is, but this is what he had to say to the club's site.

"I think we’ve got as good a chance as anyone and it’s a competition we want to do well in.

So we're going for it! Or we're not. Who knows. Harry did say that he was going to get more of the squad into the match which he has to do because even if they are the mighty Robins, it's Cheltenham Town. He mentioned Michael Dawson, Sebastien Bassong, Steve Pienaar, Danny Rose, Niko Kranjcar, Roman Pavlyuchenko, Aaron Lennon and Giovani dos Santos (cue Kevin swooning) as players who will, or could, or are available, or maybe not available. Clearly, this match is of great importance and Harry is laying his cards on the table, just as he always does.