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Harry Redknapp Opens The Door For A Giovani Dos Santos Exit At Tottenham

Adios, Johnny Two Saints  (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Adios, Johnny Two Saints (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Just when it looks like Giovani dos Santos might finally makes Mexico a nation of Spurs something gets in the way. At least this time it was Gio and his desire to move elsewhere that got in the way and not Harry Redknapp playing any formation except for one that Gio can have a place in. The 22-year-old has made it clear to the club that he'd like to leave in January and it appears as if the club is going to let him make a move.

"He's looking to move, to be honest," Redknapp said. "We had a big bid from Italy last summer but he wants to go back to Spain. "He's got talent, he just needs to work harder in training and get fitter."

"[Gio] is a class player and he's unlucky not to play more, but it's hard. He's a fantastic footballer and a great boy."

Of course, everyone is a great boy. Gio looked extra super great on Saturday as he tore apart the mighty Cheltenham Town Robins, scoring a goal, assisting on another and having Jermain Defoe steal what should have been a second goal from him. Sure, it was Cheltenham Town, but it was the same kind of class he'd shown in the Europa League and has shown for Mexico. His talent is not in question, but he hasn't been given much of a chance to play in his preferred position with Spurs and he hasn't helped himself out with inadequate work ethic anyways.

The problem with Gio right now is that he's just in a sad place with Spurs. It's basically football purgatory to be capable of playing well, but not getting the chance. It's not like he's an easily hatable player. He's not a bad player and he's not even fun to laugh at fat Gio like he was when he got super lazy and out of shape. Now he's just fit, good and lacking a spot in the team Gio so hopefully he can find a home elsewhere and get the opportunity to play. Adios, Johnny Two Saints.